Made in the USA

At Befour, being made in America means more than simply assembling foreign components in the USA, which does little to benefit the economy. By carrying out the entire value chain in the USA, we are creating American manufacturing jobs, not only at our factory but at our suppliers’ factories as well. 

Design, manufacturing, sales, marketing & customer service of Befour’s products are done in our Saukville, Wisconsin facility.

Why 'Made in America' is important to our customers

  • Highest quality products
  • Reliable delivery schedules
  • Local warranty and product support
  • Real energy independence vs importing
  • Spare parts and service are available for a much longer timespan
  • Money spent stimulates the US economy and creates US jobs
  • Processes meet stringent US labor and environmental policies

American components and materials

  • Steel fabrications
  • Aluminum fabrications
  • Aluminum extrusions and anodizing
  • Aluminum castings
  • Powder coating
  • Keypad membrane switches
  • Circuit board assemblies
  • Electrical cable harnesses
  • Injected molded parts
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Packaging and printed material
  • Other direct and indirect materials

“Made-in-America quality and unbeatable value.”