Green Initiative

Environmentally Friendly Statement

Befour Professional Healthcare Scales are engineered and manufactured with adherence to environmentally friendly practices, materials and longevity of useful life.

Long Life Expectancy

·        Befour Professional Healthcare scales have an expected useful life of 20 years. Countless Befour scales older than 20 years are still in operation today – a testament to quality and lasting durability.


Recyclable Construction Material

·        Befour Professional Healthcare scales feature robust metal construction which is over 90% recyclable.


Long Battery Life

·        Befour Professional Healthcare scales utilize non-hazardous alkaline batteries and our proprietary ECO-Weigh power system provides an exceptional 100,000+ weight readings or 4 years of use on a single set of batteries.


Local Supply Chain

·        Befour scales are USA-made with a supply chain that starts with local, small business vendors and expands to additional US vendors as needed.  This commitment protects American jobs. Buying local reduces transportation of material, which equates to less fuel and greenhouse gases.