CX7 Display Console

Streamline your capital equipment to reduce cost, while increasing efficiency. The C7X display console is used on all Befour Professional Healthcare Scales, making it effortless to move from one scale model to another. 

CX7 Display Console Features:


Powerful and Intuitive Keypad:   Console has easy keypad operation, learn basic features in minutes.

Smart View Display:                    Shows only the information you want: weight only or weight, height, and BMI on a single screen.

EMR/EHR Ready:                       Connectivity via USB serial output or optional wireless plug-in module.

ECO Weigh Battery System:       4 D-cell alkaline batteries (included) provide over 100,000 weight readings per set of batteries.

Battery-Life Indicator:                  3-segment indicator provides plenty of notice prior to batteries needing replacement.

Programmable User Settings:     Tailor console to your needs including auto-off time, “always-on” activation, and more.

LB/KG Lockout:                           Quickly change setup to disable LB/KG button so scale will only weigh in selected unit of measure.

Push-Button Calibration:             Although rarely necessary, scale can be calibrated with any sure weight over 100 pounds.

Stored Tare:                                 Store the weight of a frequently used item such as a wheelchair.

Body Mass Index (BMI):              Console automatically calculates BMI. Height can be entered manually or via integrated digital height rod included with certain models.

Height:                                         Height can be displayed in one of three modes: inches, feet and inches, or in centimeters..