Service Issues                                              Possible Cause                                                                Suggestions

Scale displays “Lo-b"

1. Battery needs changing

2. AC adapter not working

3. Charging circuit has failed

*1. Recharge battery for 24 hours

*2. Replace AC adapter

*3. Call for service

Scale won’t turn on

1. Bad battery pack

2. AC Adapter not working

3. Bad Key Pad


1. Replace Battery Pack

2. Call for repair

Scale wont turn off

1. Bad keypad


1. Call for service


Scale Displays "ERR"

1. Cable from platform is not plugged in

2. Cable from platform damaged

3. Moisture in platform

4. Zero offset shifted too low

5. Bad load cell

1. Plug in platform cable to head

2. Check for cut for loose wires

3. Move to dry location

4. Call for service

5. Call for service


Scale is drifting

1. Move to dry location

2. Firmly plug in all cables

Erratic weight readings on platform

1. Scale touching wall or desk

2. Leveling feet not screwed tightly

3. Scale on deep plush carpet

1. Move away from wall or desk

2. Tightly screw in all four leveling feet

3. Move to harder surface

Incorrect weights

1. Scale is out of calibration

1. Follow calibration instructions


Range too small to calibrate scale

1. Bad temp. compensation diode

2. Broken wire in platform cable or connector at readout head

1. Call for service

2. Check cable & connector for loose/cut wire, solder if possible

* See "Quick Fix Guide" to fix AC adapter


1. Moisture in platform

2. Loose cable connection