Befour, Inc. Enters Export Management Agreement with Dorian Drake International for Latin America and the Caribbean

White Plains, New York (February 8, 2017) – Befour, Inc., the Wisconsin-based manufacturer of professional medical scales, has appointed Dorian Drake International as its export management company for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Under the new agreement, Dorian Drake will manage all export functions in its territory, with special focus on building brand recognition and distribution for the Befour brand of professional scales.


“Befour is excited to team with Dorian Drake to develop international distribution,” said Gary Butters, President of Befour. “Our medical scale business is growing in North America and we look forward to working with Dorian Drake to help us extend this success into Latin America.”


Commenting on the new arrangement, Dorian Drake’s President, Ed Dorian Jr. said, “Befour stands apart from many of its competitors because its products are loaded with features and made in the United States. We look forward to working with Gary and his team to build Befour sales in Latin America and the Caribbean.


About Dorian Drake International, an Export Management Company (EMC)


Based in White Plains, N.Y., Dorian Drake International is an export management company that manages international sales, marketing, customer service, traffic, credit and collections for manufacturers selling in markets outside the United States. The firm staffs stand-alone sales teams in five distinct industries: automotive; foodservice equipment; hardware and lawn and garden; industrial and environmental, and medical. To learn more, go to


About Befour, Inc. and Professional Scales for Medical and Fitness Industry


Befour, Inc., based in Saukville, Wisconsin, USA, is a family-owned business manufacturing the finest professional healthcare and fitness scales in the industry.  Since 1977, Befour has designed and manufactured scales with high capacity, extreme accuracy and reliability used by medical professionals, hospitals, sport teams, military installations, and fitness trainers. To learn more, go to



Sigfredo Diaz, Manager of IT & Marketing Services

Dorian Drake International

Tel +1 (914) 697-9800



Befour doesn’t provide products to the media for promotional purposes, so it’s always neat

to see our scales in action on TV.


Currently, a Befour bariatric scale is featured on TLC’s “My 600 Lb. Life”, which follows the

weight loss journeys of individuals that weigh 600 to 750 pounds.


We tracked down the history of this particular scale and found that it is about 10 years old,

demonstrating our scales’ dependability and ruggedness.  Befour’s newer models have

been updated with additional advanced features, but still retain the same made-in-USA

ruggedness, backed by the industry-leading 3 year warranty.


Today, Befour has the premier line of bariatric scales.  Our MX310 and MX810 models have

1,000 pound capacities with added security of heavy duty handrails and “Tilt & Roll”

portability. The MX170 and PS7700 (TLC’s model) feature a generously sized platform with a

briefcase-style carrying handle.  And we have many, many other scales with a 750 or 1,000 pound weight capacity.


Our trained scale experts welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs to determine the best scale for your facility.  Give us a call.

AVOIDING CSBI (Column Scale Belly Inaccuracy)

People are getting bigger and their protruding bellies present an issue with their column scales that our

competitors would rather not discuss – that if the patient’s belly touches any part of the scale’s column or display

console, you will get an inaccurate measurement!  The reason for this is simple: to save costs, most column

scales are constructed with a smallish single load cell platform.  This requires that the column be mounted

behind and separate from the weighing surface, meaning that when the belly touches the column you will get

the wrong weight.  And this is also true for all old-fashion “balance beam” scales.


Befour avoids CSBI by utilizing a superior four load cell design with a generous platform size and the column mounted directly to the weighing surface.  Accurate weight is guaranteed, even when the belly is touching the column.


Fortunately, it is easy to determine if a scale will suffer from CSBI.  First and most important, all Befour scales are CSBI-free, so we’re a clear choice. However, if you are looking at a competitor’s offering, simply examine how the column is mounted, as shown below, to see if the scale has CSBI.


Buyer Beware – AA Battery Powered Scales

If you are planning on using batteries to power your scale, pay careful attention to the size of battery used (AA, C, or D-cell) as it is a key factor in the total cost of the scale over its lifespan.  For example, one popular brand of scales uses six AA-cell alkaline batteries that provide “25 hours of continuous use”.  With a one minute turn-off, this means one can expect only 1,500 weighings per set of batteries.

Viewing this another way, you will need over 65 sets of batteries (390 batteries) per 100,000 weighing measurements!  Factor in the cost of time to change the batteries and you are looking at well over $500 in battery costs per 100k weighings – a huge portion of the life cycle cost of the scale.

In contrast, Befour’s new CX7 console features our exclusive ECO Weigh, the most efficient battery system on the market, which provides an astounding 100,000+ weighings on four D cell alkaline flashlight batteries.  And we include the first set with your scale, so you are “good to go”.

                                                                                                                Befour’s nearest competitive brand is many times less efficient, providing

                                                                                                                only 20,000 weighings per set of six D-cells. Other scale brands use six

                                                                                                                C-cells and typically get around 10,000 weighings per set.  While the

                                                                                                                battery costs of the these C and D-cell powered scales are significantly

                                                                                                                more expensive than Befour’s ECO Weigh scales, they are still much

                                                                                                                lower than the AA-cell powered scales.


                                                                                                                Bottom Line:  Regardless of the scale’s initial purchase price,

                                                                                                                AA- cell powered scales are like a car that gets only 2 miles per

                                                                                                                gallon of gas – it is very costly to keep it on the road.  Continuing

                                                                                                                this vehicle analogy, CX7 scales with ECO Weigh are like a car

                                                                                                                that will give you 100 miles per gallon, making Befour the true

                                                                                                                “best buy”.

Not All Integrated Digital Height Rods Are Created Equal

Befour’s new measurement stations, the MX810, MX808, and MX805, all feature integrated digital height rods.  After weight is determined, simply lift the height rod and the height measurement value is displayed on the console along with weight and BMI on a single screen.  This is a real time saver.   Our height rod design has several unique features that add to its safety and convenience:

• The measurement span of 38” to 88” is over 35% greater than other units on the market.  This means the chance that the person is too short or too tall to be measured is greatly minimized.

• The folding headpiece rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing it to be pointed away from the subject while being raised to the horizontal position.  Compare this to other height rods that have a headpiece that is in a fixed direction, pointing toward the subject.  This means the headpiece must be raised well above the subject’s head before unfolding to the horizontal position - - awkward or impossible when the subject is tall.

• Our electrical cables are hidden from sight, being routed internally.  This makes for a neater appearance and safer operation.

• Automatic height lock-in:  Holding the headpiece stationary for two seconds will lock the height measurement on the display.  If you wish to

  re-measure height, simply press the HEIGHT button within five seconds to unlock.


                                                                                      Bottom Line:   It's all the details that add up to make Befour the innovation

                                                                                      leader in measurement station design.